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myTRICARE Account Information

Password Requirements


Because of Department of Defense (DoD) Security Requirements, we use your username and password to recognize you as a member of myTRICARE Secure and to validate your access to your personal information. You alone have control over access to your account.


You must change your myTRICARE Secure password every 90 days if you are a provider and every 365 days if you are a beneficiary.


Your password must be:

1. Eight characters and no more than eleven characters
2. One letter and one number
3. One of these three characters: @,#,$


Your password cannot be:

  • More than two of the same characters in a row or more than two characters in a sequence. For example, you can use "ss" but not "sss." You can use "12" or "ab" but not "123" or "abc."
  • A password you've used before until you've changed your password 24 times.

Tip: Use the first letters of a phrase you can easily remember. For example, "I like to go to a dollar theater" translates to "IL2GTA$T."


Beneficiary Accounts

  • If you do not change your password within the 365 day timeframe, your account will be deleted. In order to re-create an account, you will have to go through the registration process again.
  • You have the option of granting permission to allow family members the ability to access your claims information either on or on the telephone. You also have the option to block anyone from access.  Just sign into your myTRICARE account and select the "myACCOUNT INFORMATION" menu.


Provider Accounts

  • Provider accounts will be deleted if 120 days have passed since you last signed in due to Department of Defense (DoD) Security Requirements.
  • Once an account is purged, you will have to go through the registration process again in order to re-create an account.